Unlearn It:
Virtual Workshop

March 27, 2023
4:30 – 6 p.m.
Audience: Educators (Grades 5-8)

Join us after school for this interactive virtual workshop to explore how to use the Unlearn It resources to teach your students about antisemitism and its impacts.

Workshop participants will be introduced to animated educational videos depicting students’ real-life encounters with antisemitism. These videos as well as the accompanying discussion guides can be used proactively as part of anti-racism programming or in response to an incident that has already occurred at school or in the community. Participants will learn how to use the videos to initiate constructive conversations with their class and have an opportunity to discuss effective strategies for creating a safe space that encourages productive, courageous discussions among their middle-school students.

Facilitated by the Toronto Holocaust Museum and Facing History and Ourselves Canada.

Note: This workshop will be held in English only .

Les ressources françaises de Unlearn It pour la classe (site web, vidéos et matériel de formation) sont disponibles à unlearnantisemitism.ca/fr/educators/.

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