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Unlearn It provides educational videos and learning guides for anyone who wants to learn more about Jewish people and the impact of antisemitism. These tools can be used for self-guided learning or in group settings to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Unlearning Antisemitism 

This video contains all components of Unlearn It for everyone. The program explores Jewish identity, the deep historical roots of hatred and discrimination targeting Jews in Canada and around the world, and how antisemitism continues to impact Jewish people today.  

Part 1: Introduction to Unlearn It for Everyone  

Join Jess Burke on this unlearning journey to discover more about Jewish identity and the experience of anti-Jewish hate in Canada and around the world. 

Part 2: Unpacking Jewish Identity   

Unlearning antisemitism begins with learning more about who Jewish people are. 

Part 3: Understanding Antisemitism   

Antisemitism is the world’s oldest form of hate. Learn how it has evolved through history and how it manifests today. 

Part 4: Understanding Antisemitism in Canada    

Canada is one of the greatest places in the world to be Jewish, but Canadian society has a long legacy of antisemitism, which persists to this day. 

Part 5: A Path Forward     

Understanding antisemitism is only the first step along the journey of taking action to disrupt it. What comes next? 

Antisemitism in Context

What is Holocaust denial, and why should you care? 

What is the Hitler salute, and why should it never be used?

What is the swastika?

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Content Advisory:
These videos explore antisemitism, the Holocaust, and manifestations of hate. These subjects may elicit a negative emotional response from some viewers. We encourage you to use the discussion guides to facilitate safe and constructive discussion about these important issues.

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