Resources for Educators

Unlearn It provides educators with short educational videos and discussion guides to teach about antisemitism and its impact. These tools can be used proactively as part of anti-racism programming or reactively when an incident occurs at school.

Introduction to
unlearning antisemitism

This video explains the aim of the Unlearn It project, what you will find among its resources, and how to use it to better understand antisemitism.

Case Study 1:

Sara, a young Jewish girl comes face to face with antisemitism at school for the first time.

Case Study 2:

Ethan loves hockey, but his teammates give him a hard time about being Jewish.

Case Study 3:

Alex’s friends become exposed to antisemitic propaganda online and bring it into the classroom. Have they been radicalized?

Antisemitism in Context

What is Holocaust denial, and why should you care? 

What is the Hitler salute, and why should it never be used?

What is the swastika?

Content Advisory:

These videos explore antisemitism, the Holocaust, and manifestations of hate. These subjects may elicit a negative emotional response from some viewers. We encourage you to use the discussion guides to facilitate safe and constructive discussion about these important issues.

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